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your savings is your tomorrow


The culture of savings is very weak among the average Nigerian, our engagement with members seeks to inject a culture of savings into their lives and steer them towards long-term financial independence through the adoption of regular and consistent saving. Mesteemic Thrift & Cooperative Society is a community cooperative with the highest sense of professionalism and designed to promote PROSPERITY among members.

Why choose us:

In Mesteemic Thrift & Cooperative Society, we operate on the principle of family and friends, as a member you automatically become a family and a friend to all other members. Our business is run on a platform of a high level of trust, honesty, and transparency, all information about our members is highly protected, secure, and protected, we are responding to requests from all of our members for the time being carefree because we are friends and family.


We are a cooperative managed by a company. Our goal is to improve the prosperity of all our members, we support your business by encouraging you to save and we support your business with low-cost loans. Our scope of activity caters to the general public from all walks of life and business, education, business, government agencies, individuals, retailers, government officials, marketing experts, professional bodies, among others


At Mesteemic Thrift & Cooperative Society We teach you how to fish not JUST to eat fish, as a member you become family and friends. One of the advantages of joining the Mesteemic Thrift & Cooperative Society is that you will surely achieve lasting prosperity and financial independence through our culture of savings.

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We welcome all those interested in our cooperative platform. Great features and benefits are waiting for you, click on the Register button, fill out all the necessary information and go to your dashboard to get started. We are your family and friends, and your path to financial prosperity and freedom.